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Deck Maintenance

Tips for Deck Maintenance


Proper deck maintenance in Lexington, KY, can help you extend the life of your deck. It’s also important to prevent discoloration that is caused by plants, algae, and dirt.


Inspect the Deck: You should inspect your deck every year as part of deck maintenance. Check for any protruding nails or loose boards that need fixing. Then clear the deck of any furniture and cover any fragile plants. Sweep the deck of larger debris.


Clean the Deck: Before you can apply any sealant, you need to thoroughly clean the deck of any build up. Debris that clogs the space between the boards should be pressured washed. Be sure to read any cleaning solution's directions and warnings thoroughly. The more powerful the chemical, the less scrubbing you will have to do.


Paint or Stain the Deck: Some people choose to paint the deck, but many want to take advantage of the natural beauty by just using a stain.


Seal the Deck: Once it’s dry, you need to seal the deck. You can apply the seal in different ways but be sure to protect any nearby plants.