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Deck Wash

What You Should Know about Deck Wash


Proper deck wash in Lexington, KY, is needed to maintain your deck. Over time, mildew, algae, and dirt can build up on the surface of the deck, especially if it has been a few years since you cleaned it. Extreme temperatures, rain, and snow can distress the deck materials.

Many people think that pressure washing is the best way to deck wash. It’s one of the easiest ways to clean your deck but you need to make sure you aren’t improperly doing it to prevent damage to your deck. You should follow instructions or use a professional. If you are power washing a wood deck, then you will need to apply a new stain once it’s dry. With any type of stain, it’s important to do your homework before applying it. There are different types on the market and different applicators to use. Your results will vary based on the products you use. If you don’t want to power wash, you can use a cleaner. This is an effective way to deck wash but can take some additional time.