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Pressure Washing Companies Near Me

Do Pressure Washing Companies Near Me Use My Water?


Working with pressure washing companies near me is one of the fastest ways to clean outdoor decks and structures. Many pressure washing companies will hook up to and use a customer’s water to complete the job. There are some companies that don’t do this. Some companies will have their own storage tank and their own water. You should note that it can cost extra for companies to bring their own water and it can be more cost effective for them to use your water. Some companies don’t even offer the service at all.


You may be worried that pressure washing is going to use too much water. With pressure washing, you don’t use as much water as running a hose. The water stops running when the nozzle on the sprayer isn’t being sprayed. Pressure washing only uses about five gallons per minute, while a regular hose can use about eight gallons.